Opening The My Monthly Cigars July Box on The Cigar Pulpit Podcast

As many of you already know, My Monthly Cigars is a proud sponsor of The Cigar Pulpit podcast, hosted by Nick & Gator.  During the summer months, MMC Owner, Nick Gervais, has been joining the boys on their 1st Friday show of the month for an unboxing of that month's MMC cigars.

Below is the latest episode from Friday July 10th.  If you don't laugh at all during this episode, you have zero sense of humor.  In between the laughter and stories, the boys smoke the La Boheme from the July 2020 Box. Check out the ridiculousness below!

As always, be sure to Subscribe to The Cigar Pulpit on all your podcast players.  If you're a member of My Monthly Cigars, you can smoke the cigars from each month along with the boys as they pick one cigar every Friday from the MMC Box!

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