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My Monthly Cigars

Cigars Available To Purchase:




OK so you're getting your monthly cigars from one of the My Monthly Cigars subscription options and you're loving them.  You enjoyed them so much that you're craving for more! have no fear my friend because you've come to the right place!

On top of sending out some great premium handmade cigars each month to our subscribers, we also offer the opportunity to come back to our site and purchase more of the ones you just can't get enough of!

Not a subscriber? Wait..why not?  OK OK.  If you're not a subscriber you can still come here to purchase cigars!  Don't forget, we're A Cigar Club For Everyone!

As of right now our inventory is limited to just the cigars that have been featured in the monthly subscription boxes.  Obviously that's not a problem because the cigars have been aces! 

However, check back soon and often because we will be going full retail with TONS of options available.  Instead of setting a reminder to come back every day to see if your favorite cigar is available, the best way to stay informed is to simply sign up for our email list.