The Cigar Pulpit Hosts - Bishop & Gator

The Cigar Pulpit Podcast - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone The Cigar Pulpit Podcast - Hosts - Bishop and Gator
When talking about the hosts of The Cigar Pulpit Podcast, many of the iconic duos in the history of entertainment come to mind.  Abbott & Costello - Martin & Lewis - Farley & Spade - Laurel & Hardy -Cheech & Chong - Mary Kate & Ashley Olson
(you get the picture)

The Cigar Pulpit Podcast - Host - The Bishop

The Bishop (Nick Miller)

Some say he's the glue (or pectin if you will) of the show.  Known as the "Bishop of the Burn", he leads the way every episode bringing you sermons on all things cigar related. With his journalistic background he provides the brothers and sisters of the leaf with everything from timely and relevant cigar interviews to general knowledge of the industry.  All the while adding his own unique flair and opinion.  The Bishop is looking to "bring back" (as if it was ever a normal thing) the Kilt.  Half of his job on the show is to rein in his co-host, Gator.  Sometimes he succeeds...but when he doesn't, the show goes off the rails in a fun and entertaining way!


 The Cigar Pulpit Podcast - Host - Gator

Gator (Jeffery Egbert)

Every straight man (not that way) needs a feed, and Gator is spot on in this role. Gator is possibly the only man who has given himself a nickname and not been ridiculed for it.  Probably because it irritates the hell out of The Bishop!  We can only assume his nickname is short for "instigator".  Gator's quick wit and unique sense of humor bring an added touch to each episode that will keep you laughing and shaking your head at the same time. Each episode you will be treated to his patented "Cold Retrohale" as well as a minimum of 10 seconds of attempting to take the cellophane off of his cigar.