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The Robusto - 4 Cigars Monthly

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The Robusto is by far our most popular option.


Answer the following questions:

- When you're in a cigar lounge do you say "what do you recommend?" because you're not sure what you like?

- If offered a cigar you wouldn't shy away because you know how to cut, light, and at least look like you know how to smoke a cigar, right?

- You're a regular at the local cigar lounge and you try something different every time you're in there because you know that no 2 cigars are exactly the same?

Any of these sound like you?  Well if ANY of them do, then The Robusto is the subscription for you.

Each month you'll receive 4 premium handmade cigars selected by our staff along with a description of each cigar.  We also try to throw in something extra into each Robusto and El Presidente (8 cigars) subscriptions.

The Robusto comes with our MSRP Guarantee which means all the cigars included will have a combined MSRP equal to or higher than the cost of your subscription! Hard to argue with that!

Shipping is $5.00 for each box delivery and will be added at checkout.

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