Cigar Review - Rocky Patel Edge 20th Anniversary


Review by Luc Blanchard, Official MMC Reviewer (@mysticks35mm


Rocky Patel - Edge 20th Anniversary


Size - Robusto 5x50
Wrapper – Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder – Honduran Habano
Filler – Honduran, Panamanian
Strength 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥖

Tasting Notes
Black currant (winegums)


Found as a choice in the August 2023 My Monthly Cigars Box, we find this very well constructed and visually stunning cigar from Rocky Patel. Noted is the cigars wrapper, with its dark, oily, smooth, generally veiny and rather stout covering. The pre ignition aroma is unreal and is reminiscent of smelling wine “lees” (sediment) during the racking process. In other words a fermented, yeasty grape quality. A well placed cap is straight cut to reveal an unobstructed draw.

Foot band removed we toast/light and immediately noted the punch on the nasal during the retrohale. With this, comes rather poignant notes of graham, cocoa and a mild mineral quality that borders earthy felt deep in the finish. Passing the inch marker we see our introductory notes dropping off as a sweet and rich black current joins in this rather strong beginning.

A slow burning cigar, we start to move into the 2/3 as a dark stacking ash (white core) grows on a thick ash fringe. Although consistent we do see the addition of a cayenne pepper note starting to develop and mix with the forward notes and settle on the tongue into the finish. A little past the ½ way marker and still consistent, we see a very noticeable increase in strength as we move well past medium.

The experience also takes on a general toasted value as the cocoa becomes the predominant note on the pallet. Now into the conclusion as the strength gets very near the full marker, we see our toasted qualities also nearing full. The nub produces a very peppery experience that mixes with notes of cocoa and a wood to produce “The edge” series new flagship.

This very well constructed, long burning and non typically blended cigar makes for a very rich and taste driven experience.

Rocky Patel Cigars

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