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El Presidente - 8 Cigars Monthly

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Talk about value!

There's so much value with El Presidente that you won't mind giving away one of the cigars to a buddy.  Ok, we take that back.  Of course you'll mind, it'll just sting less.

Each month, El Presidente delivers 8 premium handmade cigars selected by our staff right to your doorstep.


El Presidente will contain 2 each of 4 different cigars for you to enjoy throughout the month.

Just like The Robusto (4 cigars) El Presidente comes with our MSRP Guarantee which means the combined MSRP of these cigars will always be equal to or higher than the cost of your subscription!  

Look, to put it bluntly, this is The Robusto doubled.  That means the MSRP is doubled.  Which means El Presidente will have an MSRP of over $60 worth of cigars!  

Shipping is $5.00 for each box delivery and will be added at checkout.

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