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The Corona - 2 Cigars Monthly

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This is a fantastic starter option for anyone just starting to explore the wonderful world of cigars.  Think of it as the "get your feet wet" option.

Each month you'll receive 2 (sometimes 3) premium hand made cigars.

What's different about this option compared to the other options?

Well for starters, The Corona may or may not contain the same cigars that are in The Robusto (4 cigars) and El Presidente (8 cigars) boxes.  They may also be 2 (or 3) of the same cigar at times.   

Also, unlike The Robusto and El Presidente, this option does not come with the MSRP Guarantee.  That's not to say it will never happen, we just can't guarantee it.

And lastly, The Corona will ship in general shipping boxes and not the My Monthly Cigars box that The Robusto and El Presidente will ship in.

So if you're just looking to take a couple swings in the batting cage to start before seeing live pitching, The Corona is a good fit for you.  The nice part is, you can always upgrade to the other subscriptions down the road!

Shipping is $5.00 for each box delivery and will be added at check out.