The MMC Wishlist

The MMC Wishlist - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone - Gift List

We've all been there.  You receive a gift from a family member or friend who know nothing about cigars. So you open the gift in front of them and you now have to try for an academy award by pretending you're excited to smoke the grape flavored cigarillos they just gave you.

Well, My Monthly Cigars now has you covered with The MMC Wishlist!

It's time to say goodbye to crappy gifts and start receiving cigars YOU WANT.  There's no harm in letting people know what you want, especially if you're a cigar smoker.  In fact, most people would greatly appreciate the info!

With The MMC Wishlist you can now simply add any item from MyMonthlyCigars.com to your wishlist and share that list with your family and friends.  

Simply click the ADD TO WISHLIST button that is on every item on the site, choose the list you want it added to and you're done! 

Don't have a list yet?  No worries!  The first time you click the ADD TO WISHLIST button, you'll be prompted to create your new list.

Here's another great feature...CREATE MULTIPLE LISTS!

Our list is partnered with MyRegistry.com  So when you create a list through The MMC Wishlist, you will then be able to add items and create more lists with products from just about any other website.  

This is a great solution for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties, and more!  

So what are you waiting for?  Go find some cigars you want and start building your list so you can ensure that you're getting the gifts you want!