Cigar Review from Final Third Cigar - Martinez Cigars Flatiron

Final Third Cigar - Cigar Review - Martinez Flatiron - My Monthly Cigars
Manufacturer: Martinez Cigars
Cigar: Flatiron No. 6 Maduro
Author: Rob Boyland at Final Third Cigar


Martinez Cigars - Flatiron - Final Third Cigars - Cigar Review - My Monthly Cigars

Martinez Cigars is a brand located in New York City, founded in 1974 by Don Antonio Martinez and now owned by Jesus Martinez. All Martinez Cigars are made by hand in their midtown New York City factory, by some of the most talented rollers, expertly blending with the finest tobaccos.

The Flatiron No. 6 Maduro is a New York City, NY, USA made cigar blended with a Brazilian Broadleaf wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and a blend of fillers aged for 5 years from Nicaragua. The box-pressed Robusto is topped off with a solid triple cap, in which I used my Colibri Deep V Cutter for the perfect cut and draw.

Construction was nice, wrapper was a beautiful dark brown and the texture was perfect.

The cold draw was a nice chocolate and tobacco depth that had me ready to light it up! Upon lighting, the draw resistance was perfect, initial light up burn line was razor sharp, and and each draw produced billowing smoke output! Burn line stayed nice all the way to the nub with no burn touch-ups.

The first third has flavor notes of creamy leather, walnut, mild citrus zest, and black pepper that lingered on the palate and more on the retrohale.

The second third transitioned nicely with the leather and citruc zest remaining, but added notes of baking spice, red pepper and orange zest on the finish.

The #finalthird has notes of sweet and creamy leather, citrus zest, complex baking spices, with lingering notes of cayenne pepper and orange zest on the palate and retrohale.

This medium to full strength Flatiron No. 6 Maduro has a full body of flavor and the transitions from third to third were substantial and beautiful.

Full disclosure - I went into this cigar knowing that I respect Martinez and enjoy promoting their products, but I wanted to give a fair and completely honest review. In doing so, I meticulously looked at each line and gave the most honest view I could, but I could find very little wrong with this cigar! It was fantastic and one I plan on smoking very often!

Martinez Cigars - Flatiron - Final Third Cigar - Cigar Review - My Monthly Cigars

In the end, and after going over every line to be as completely true and fair in my rating, I gave the Martinez Cigars -Flatiron No. 6 Maduro a Final Third Cigar rating of 95. There is nothing I would change about this cigar! The complexity of flavor notes was deep and the construction was top notch! Definitely a cream of the crop stick if you can get your hands on a few! You will not be disappointed!

My smoking time was 90 minutes on the box-pressed robusto - granted, I am a slower smoker.

Martinez Cigars - Flatiron Cigar Review - Final Third Cigar - My Monthly Cigars

See below for the Final Third Cigar scoring sheet:

Martinez Cigars - Flatiron Cigar Review - Final Third Cigar Rating Sheet - My Monthly Cigars

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