MMC & Fah King Good Coffee Welcomes New Partner: Smokin' Butts and Tappin' Ash

At My Monthly Cigars and Fah King Good Coffee, we like to partner with people who are as passionate about their craft as we are about cigars and coffee.  With that being said, we are proud to announce that we have begun a brand new partnership with the team from Smokin' Butts and Tappin' Ash!

Smokin' Butts and Tappin' Ash is a team of BBQ and cigar enthusiasts that not only have their own podcast, but they compete in BBQ competitions as well.  The combination of cigars and BBQ was right up our alley and we know it'll be right up yours!

Hosts Dave, Travis, and Scott bring you tons of BBQ information on a weekly basis including their take on recent competitions, rubs they use for different meats, and even rubs and recipes they have developed themselves!

So where do we fit in?

MMC is now an official sponsor of the Smokin' Butts and Tappin' Ash podcast.  Each episode, the guys will smoke a cigar from the My Monthly Cigars box and they want you to join them! 

Listen to the announcement episode below where the guys had MMC Owner, Nick G, as a guest to announce the new partnership.

These guys smoke a ton of meat and that can take a long time.  So during that time, what do they do?  They enjoy a fine premium handmade cigar!  On the show while smoking the cigars from the MMC Box, they'll talk about how different cigars pair with different types of BBQ so you can learn more about how these two worlds make a great pair!

We are excited about this partnership and cannot wait to see what the future holds with the guys. 

So do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Smokin' Butts and Tappin' Ash podcast.  And while you're at it, head on over to their amazing Facebook Group where you'll be connected with plenty of other people that enjoy cigars and BBQ just as much as you!

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