My Monthly Cigars Box #10 - March 2020

When you think of March you think of Spring, St Patrick's Day, March Madness, and of course Box #10 from My Monthly Cigars!

This month's box comes in with an MSRP value of just under $40.  The extra this month is an old friend coming back for another round to bring you an amazing product.

Twin Engine Coffee has graciously sent each of you one of their Cigar 101 Traveler Packs of ground coffee.  These packs are awesome because not only are they delicious, they're very easy to use!

Simply fill your coffee pot with water up to the 8 line and you're done!  While your coffee percolates, choose one of the 4 cigars from the March Box to have with your coffee.  Trust us, there is no wrong pairing from this month's choices.


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My Monthly Cigars Box #10 - March 2020

All the cigars this month are Full or Medium - Full.  So we would recommend making sure you have a snack before (or during) your smoke.

Let's start off by taking a look at the Diesel d. 10th Anniversary.  This 5.5 x 52 robusto is dark on dark.  The Ecuadorian Habano, Oscuro wrapper has a nice toothy feel to it.  But don't let the size and the rough feel of the cigar fool you!  Its got that typical AJ Fernandez pepper punch to it and mellows out into a nice relaxing full bodied smoke.  A great pairing with the Twin Engine.

MSRP:  $10.00

Our next choice is the lightest bodied cigar this month.  It received a 93 rating and was the #14 Cigar of the Year in Cigar Aficionado's 2012 list.  From The JC Newman Company, we bring you the El Baton.  From beginning to end this cigar is highly enjoyable and pairing it with coffee will make your experience even better. The Corojo wrapper on this cigar is a great compliment to the nicaraguan fillers it houses.  This one is full of flavor and we know you'll enjoy it.

MSRP:  $7.25

Up next is a new version of the amazing Mi Querida by Steve Saka and Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust and is called the Mi Querida Triqui Traca.  What the hell does that mean?  Triqui Traca is actually a Nicaraguan slang term for a string of firecrackers that are held together by the fuse.  We've all seen them, we've all heard them, and this cigar is correctly named after them.  If you were lucky enough to get the actual "Firecracker" version of this cigar through The Cigar Authority's annual firecracker cigar, you know what we mean.  The Dominican ligero in this bad boy is what gives the cigar its firecracker feel.  Stop making us say 'firecracker' and just go light one up already to find out for yourself.

MSRP: $11.75

Rounding out the March Box, but definitely not last for any particular reason, is the Southern Draw Jacob's Ladder.  Talk about an all around phenomenal cigar.  Look. Smell. Taste. Construction. Body. Burn. Smoke.  This one has it all.  Yet another great cigar that has the AJ Fernandez stamp on it and it will not disappoint.  The mix of tobacco in this cigar is a potpourri of flavors that will leave you wanting more.  You'll go through a box of these in no time.  Trust us, we would know.

MSRP: $10.45

If you missed out on the March Box, don't panic!  Become a part of #TeamCigars by joining us in April.  You can find multiple subscription options on our Subscriptions Page to find one that fits you.  Also, you can buy these cigars on our Featured In Monthly Subscriptions Page.  We've got you covered! 

My Monthly Cigars Box #10 - March 2020


My Monthly Cigars Box #10 - March 2020

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