My Monthly Cigars Box #13 - June 2020

Cheers to new beginnings as My Monthly Cigars is now into their 2nd year of the club!  The June 2020 Box is the 1st installment of the new year and we are not slowing down!

Another month and another box with an MSRP over $40 in the Robusto Box and  $80+ in the El Presidente.  Value value value. 

Ok enough talking about the box, let's dive into details.

My Monthly Cigars - June 2020 Box

Since this is Box #13, its sort of fitting we start with this cigar.  When you hear the word “redrum” you most likely think of the classic movie, The Shining, with Uncle Jack Nicholson. Well, this month you’ll be thinking of the June Box from MMC as the first cigar is the Obsidian Redrum.  This cigar hits you right in the taste buds with its San Andres wrapper that surrounds an Indonesian binder.  Underneath that is a blend of long fillers that include Dominican Piloto and Nicaraguan Jalapa.  Delicious from beginning to end that you wouldn’t even hear someone next to you quietly whispering “redrum, redrum” in a low creepy tone.

MSRP: $7.50

Did you know that The Shining was filmed in Colorado?  If you didn’t know, now you know.  Why does this matter?  Well, the next cigar is the Eiroa First 20 Years Colorado (see what we did there?!?).  Here’s a cigar from Christian Eiroa that celebrates 20 kick ass years in the industry.  Looking at the Colorado colored wrapper on this box pressed beauty is equal to the majestic views of the Colorado landscape.  The second you pull this cigar out of your My Monthly Cigars bag you’ll smell coffee and espresso.  The Honduran Corojo wrapper does not disappoint.  Along with the Honduran long fillers inside this cigar, you’ll be smoking this cigar and hearing John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” on repeat in your head.  

MSRP: $13.66

Oh no, they didn’t.  Yes, they did.  What the heck are we talking about?  The next featured cigar is so good that if we didn’t tell you this next piece of info, you probably would have never known...its a bundle cigar.  The Room 101 Ichiban Maduro may be considered a bundle cigar but that’s exactly what you want from this one.  Getting a phenomenal cigar at a bundle price?  YES PLEASE!  First look at this thing and the Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper is as dark as night and as slick as ice.  What’s inside this cigar?  We could say “name it” and you’d be right.  Ready... the fillers include Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian.  It sounds like they just piled everything in there to see if it would work.  Well guess what...IT WORKED.  And at this price it’ll work for you over and over again.

MSRP: $8.40

Wrapping up the June Box is a cigar blended by no stranger in the industry.  We’ve all heard of AJ Fernandez, and by now we hope you’ve all heard of Ave Maria since we featured another Ave Maria blend in a past box.  This month we have the Ave Maria Morning Star.  Don’t let the name fool you because this cigar is a star 24/7, not just the mornings (#badjokes). This cigar has an interesting shape to it at 5 x 58 with a small nub on the foot.  If just looking at it doesn’t intrigue you enough, then smoking it will.  Filled with Nicaraguan leaves wrapped in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, you’ll get the perfect balance of spice and vanilla.  Think about it....when has AJ Fernandez ever let you down?  Trust us, he doesn’t start here either.

MSRP: 11.50

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My Monthly Cigars - June 2020 Box

My Monthly Cigars - June 2020 Box

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