My Monthly Cigars Box #16 - September 2020

We could make a bunch of really lame sweet 16 jokes here, but we know that you don't want to hear that and to be honest, we couldn't choose the best ones to describe Box #16 from My Monthly Cigars.

This month features FIVE cigars.  What?  You thought there were only four?  Well, usually, you are correct.  However this month we have a special addition that we know you're going to love.

As many of you know, we have a great working relationship with Martinez Cigars out of New York.  If you haven't hear of them (shame on you), stop what you're doing, go to and check them out.  We'll be here when you come back and you'll see what we have in store for September. 

On to September...

My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone - Box #16 - September 2020


Let's lead off with this month's "extra" which will be in the Robusto and El Presidente Boxes.  The extra this month is actually a cigar and it comes from our friends at Martinez Cigars.  This cigar is a bandido that they simply cannot keep stocked in their shop!  The fact that MMC was able to secure these for our members is amazing and we are beyond grateful!

This bandido is part of their New York City Blend collection.  It's about a 4.5 x 32 inch cigar with a Cameroon wrapper and sumatra binder with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.  This medium bodied cigar is about a 30-35 minute smoke.  Perfect for a time crunch, colder weather smoke, or maybe even a lunch break.  The MSRP on these is $3 each but we don't factor that into the MSRP Guarantee each month.

When you combine the words "diesel" and "wicked" into a cigar, you get a smoke that is exactly how it sounds...strong.  The Diesel Wicked is a full bodied smoke with a dark Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and fillers.  It starts off with a punch as most AJ Fernandez cigars do, but it surprisingly mellows out going into the final third.  Either way, you're in for a great cigar with complex flavors and won't be disappointed.

MSRP: $12.00

Ok let's calm things down a bit and get a bit more mellowed out.  That would bring us to the Don Rafael Nicaragua which claims to be a medium, but we would lean toward medium rare.  This is a very smooth, well constructed cigar that has a light Habano wrapper with Nicaraguan fillers and binder.  Grab a cup of coffee (using your MMC Mug of course!) and light this stick up to create a combination you won't regret.

MSRP: $7.50

Since we slowed things down, let's "rev" them back up.  The next cigar in this box is another full bodied smoke sure to get the senses going.  The CAO Flathead V19 is part of the Flathead Series and it is just as fantastic as the rest of them.  The cigar has a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, Habano binder, with Nicaraguan and Dominican filler.  It's the same recipe as the rest of the Flathead Series, but they cut the fermentation time for this cigar in half.  This gives it a bit more flavor and more of a punch than the others in the series.  Don't worry though, its still as smooth and delicious as the rest, and one you'll want to add to your humidor.

MSRP: $11.99

Rounding out the September Box is the Henry Clay Limited Edition 2018.  This marks the second month in a row we've featured a limited edition cigar from 2018 (last month was the Camacho Hard Charger Limited Edition 2018). This Henry Clay comes in the perfecto size of 5.7 x 52 and actually requires both ends of the cigar to be clipped in order to smoke it.  The tobacco combination in this cigar is music to our ears, and icing on our palates.  Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers are covered up with a Criollo '98 binder and a gorgeous looking Habano 2000 wrapper.  We are drooling as we write this.  If you're drooling too, wipe your mouth, grab this cigar from your MMC September Box, and light up this tasty medium to full bodied cigar. 

MSRP: $9.00

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Don't forget, as always you can buy any of these cigars on our Featured In Monthly Subscriptions Page!

My Monthly Cigars - Box #16 September 2020

My Monthly Cigars - Box #16 September 2020

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