My Monthly Cigars Box #6 - November 2019

The days are colder and shorter.  But that isn't stopping My Monthly Cigars from pumping out the heat as we bring you the November Box!

Heat?  How about a cigar with an MSRP of over $20?  Or maybe its the Cigar Spills that are in the Robusto and El Presidente boxes as this month's extra?  

 Alright, enough is enough patting ourselves on the back, lets get into the cigars!

My Monthly Cigars Box #5 - November 2019

The "Extra"

This month's extra we decided to include an old school and unique tool for lighting cigars, Cedar Cigar Spills. When you light a cigar with a cedar spill, you get that cedar aroma and flavor that many people enjoy in their cigars.  Spills are a "cleaner" alternative to matches and some lighters in that they do not contain any chemicals that can transfer into your cigar, hence disrupting its flavor.  Cedar spills will last longer than a match giving you plenty of time to toast your cigar to perfection.  Simply light the end with a flame, toast your cigar, and enjoy.

The Cigars

The Cohiba Puro Dominicana is exactly what it says.  100% pure Dominican, and it does not disappoint.  Oh, and by the way, brace yourselves... the MSRP is $21.99


A $21.99 cigar in box that only costs $29.99? YUP.  If you have the El Presidente Box, you'll get 2 of these cigars.  That means you're getting 2 cigars valued at $43.98, the El Presidente costs $49.99, and you still have 6 more cigars to go!  

Next up is the La Perla Habana Classic.  With an Indonesian wrapper covering Domincan and Honduran fillers, this mild to medium bodied cigar is a phenomenal morning cigar to start your day.  And at an MSRP of $7.50, it's definitely something your wallet will be happy to help with.

When it comes to consistency in a cigar, look no further than one of the best (if not the best) in the business at quality control, Nick Perdomo and Perdomo Cigars.  This month we've included one of those gems from Mr Perdomo in the Perdomo Reserve Champagne Sungrown.  Flavor, burn, draw, smoke output...all aces as usual.  Not only will you get consistency and quality with Perdomo cigars, you'll get value.  The MSRP on this cigar is $8.00 and to be honest we think it should cost much more.

Rounding out November is a PDR Dark Harvest Habana 2013 Exclusive Reserve.  This is not an easy cigar to get your hands on and when you light yours up, you're going to wish you could get more.  BREAKING NEWS: Now you CAN get more because we have them!  The MSRP on this cigar is $9.00 and well worth it.  But we think we can do much better for you than that!

Total MSRP in the November Box: $46.49!

If you're looking to hop on board for our December Box, or if you're in need of an great Christmas gift, you can check out all available options on our Subscriptions Page.

My Monthly Cigars Box #6 - November 2019

My Monthly Cigars Box #6 - November 2019


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