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We are excited to launch our monthly cigar subscription service and cannot wait to bring premium handmade cigars each month to your front door!

My Monthly Cigars is designed with all levels of cigar smokers in mind as we have multiple subscription options that cater to those who are beginners on up to the serious cigar smokers.  

Our subscription options include The Corona, The Robusto, and El Presidente.  

The Corona is designed to fit those who want to dip their toes in the world of cigar smoking but are not really sure where to start.  Each month, My Monthly Cigars will deliver 2 premium handmade cigars to your doorstep

The Robusto is ideal for the cigar smoker who knows the basics when it comes to cigar smoking, such as cutting, lighting, etc.  Maybe they even have a small desktop humidor with a few cigars resting in there.  This is the person that doesn't shy away from a cigar when offered, tries new cigars every time they're in the cigar lounge, and wants to learn more about the world of cigars and the different brands, flavors, and strengths out there.  If you want to expand your palate and open yourself up to what the cigar world has to offer, then The Robusto is for you. The Robusto delivers 4 premium handmade cigars each month.

El Presidente is for a similar type of smoker who fits The Robusto package, but most likely smokes more often than one cigar a week (that includes us!).  This cigars smoker likely has a humidor that holds 50+ cigars and has enjoyed numerous types of cigars but knows there's plenty more out there to try.  My Monthly Cigars delivers 8 premium handmade cigars to your door each month.

MSRP Guarantee

The Robusto and El Presidente packages come with our MSRP Guarantee.  This means that we guarantee that the MSRP of the cigars in your box will be equal to or higher than the cost of the subscription.  This does not include the cost of shipping, however most of the time the MSRP will still be higher than that!

This is not available in The Corona package.

Pay Now Save Now

We offer multiple ways to save on our monthly subscriptions.  Each package offers a monthly, 3 month, 6 month, and annual option.  Discounts will automatically be applied to the 3 month, 6 month, and annual options.  


Not only will you get the MSRP Guarantee in The Robusto and El Presidente, but each month you'll also find something a little extra in your box.  The world of cigar smoking includes more than just cigar companies and the cigars themselves.  So these extras will almost always be something cigar related for you to use.  Add that on top of the MSRP Guarantee and you're getting much more than you pay for!

Extras are not available in The Corona package.


We also have numerous items for you to purchase on our site that include things like t shirts, hoodies, and coffee mugs.  After all, we want you to look good while enjoying the cigars from your subscription!

Purchase More Cigars

Did you like the cigars in your subscription this month?  Wish you could buy more?  Well, you're in luck!  Each month on we will offer cigars from the previous box for sale (and at times we may even have more cigar specials).  While anyone is welcome to purchase these cigars, subscribers will have special discounts available for these purchases!

As you can see, offers more than just a subscription service.  With our multiple package options to fit the needs of all levels of cigar smokers, you'll be able to find what you're looking for.  

After all, My Monthly Cigars truly is...A Cigar Club For Everyone!

As a thank you for checking out this blog post, we'd like to offer you a discount code to use on your first subscription purchase to get free shipping on your first month!  At checkout, just use the code: MMCBLOG and the shipping on your first box is on us!


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