Cigar Gift Ideas For Cigar Smokers

Gift Ideas For Cigars Smokers - The Cigar Pulpit Podcast - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone

Cigar smokers might be one of the hardest groups of people to purchase gifts for.  With so many different cigars and accessories available, it can be stressful trying to figure out what to buy the cigar smoker in your life. 

Have no fear, My Monthly Cigars and The Cigar Pulpit are here to help you to not screw this up!  

MMC Owner, Nick G, joined The Cigar Pulpit Podcast with hosts Bishop and Gator to discuss cigar related gift ideas.  But these gift ideas are not just for the holidays!  You can use these suggestions for any time of year that you're purchasing a gift.  

You can listen to the episode HERE but below we've outlined many of the items discussed on the episode for you.  So be sure to bookmark this blog post to refer back to throughout the year for all the important days you need a gift idea for your cigar smoker.

Now let's get started on some amazing cigar related gift ideas!

Here's the best part...we receive no financial reimbursement for any of the following suggestions.  These are simply products we use and love.  Well...of course we have connections with MMC and Fah King Good Coffee, but that goes without saying. 

A Cigar Of The Month Club (eh hem...MMC)

We'll just get this one out of the way.  Of course we're going to suggest My Monthly Cigars which is A Cigar Club For Everyone.  Monthly cigar subscription services are a great way to easily get a cigar smoker a variety of cigars to enjoy and it's a gift that keeps on giving!  We won't self promote much more but you can find all our MMC Subscription options HERE.  Choose from 2, 4, or 8 cigars a month.  You simply cannot beat the value of our club and the cigar smoker in your life will thank you EVERY MONTH!

Cigar Magazine Subscriptions

This is a pretty easy and simple one to purchase as a gift.  All you need is the recipient's address and you're all set.  While there are a few options to choose from, we would suggest two:  Cigar Aficionado and Cigar JournalThese two subscriptions have fantastic information and some great cigar reviews.  Not to mention some lifestyle articles that showcase things from vacations to luxury items.

Cigar Aficionado Magazine - Cigar Gifts - Sopranos - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone Cigar Journal Magazine - Cigar Gifts - Magazine Subscription - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone


No cigar smoker should be without their own cutter.  It's simply a must have.  There is one that stands out to us above the rest for quality, reliability, and functionality.  That cutter is the Colibri SVColibri is well known for their quality cutters, lighters and other cigar accessories.  The SV stands for Straight Cut and V Cut.  These are two types of cuts for cigars that normally require separate cutters to achieve each one.  Colibri has smartly combined the best of both worlds into one cutter and it does not disappoint!  You can find the SV cutter HERE!

Colibri SV Cutter - Cigar Gifts - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone


Much like a cutter, a lighter is something every cigar smoker should have.  Also like cutters, there are so many to choose from!  The key is to be sure to get a butane torch lighter and not mess around with lighter fluid. You can get single torch all the way up to a 4 torch lighter.  There is one suggestion we have that we feel is possibly the most reliable and affordable lighter on the market.  Stories of these lighters having gone through the wash, dropped, etc yet continue to work 99% of the time.  And when it comes to a cigar lighter, you pretty much need it to work.  We recommend the Vertigo Cyclone.  It's a triple torch lighter that is extremely affordable.  In fact, you can get them in 2 or 3 packs for around $8-$10 each!  

Tip: grab a 3 pack from Amazon along with some butane and use the rest of your gift money for one or more of the other options on this list!  Here's an EXAMPLE.

Vertigo Cyclone Torch Lighter - Triple Torch Cigar Lighter - Cigar Gifts - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone

Travel Humidor / Cigar Samplers

We're going to go ahead and combine the two options of travel humidors and samplers to make this one an amazing and simple gift.  Also, we have this perfect gift here at My Monthly Cigars! Humidors are a great and generous gift idea, however we feel you run into issues with getting the ideal color, size, dealing with space, etc.  The easier route is to go with a travel humidor as it's much easier to store and allows cigar smokers to easily carry cigars wherever they go!  Herf-a-dor Combos are a great option and you can find them HERE on our site.  This also gets you the bonus of cigars PLUS a lighter!  YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH THESE!  

Cigar Travel Humidor - Herf A Dor Combo - Cigar Sampler - Cigar Gift - Torch Lighter - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone

Ice Fishing Tent

(what?!?! YES! an actual Ice Fishing Tent!  Read on to find out more)

OK, this one sounds a little odd but hang with us because it's actually a genius idea.  How do we know?  My Monthly Cigars Owner, Nick G, and a friend live in an area with cold winters and needed to find a way to smoke comfortably outside during the cold weather months.  They discussed the possibility of an ice tent because it's insulated with a purpose of keeping ice fisherman warm...think about that!  So Nick G mentioned this to Cigar Pulpit Podcast host, Bishop, who loved the idea and then took the leap of faith and purchased one, officially becoming the guinea pig for this idea.  Long story short, it was a homerun.  Now there is even a group of cigar smokers who have purchased these tents and are enjoying smoking cigars all year round, including in the winter while wearing a tshirt sitting in a tent that is 70+ degrees!  (You need a heater of course but that's up to the individual which one they purchase).  The ice tent of choice is the Eskimo QuickFish.  *Make sure to get the "i" version as those are the insulated ones.  For around $200 on average, it's a fantastic investment for a serious cigar smoker living in cold winter areas.  You can find all options HERE.

Eskimo Ice Fishing Tent - Cigar Gifts - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone


(we have a Fah King favorite of course)

This one couldn't be easier.  Just about everyone you know loves coffee.  Coffee is one of the most popular drink pairings for a cigar smoker and we have a good option for you.  Well...It's not just good's Fah King Good CoffeeFah King Good Coffee is fresh and roasted to order so you can enjoy a cup of joe a its peak flavor, the way it should be!  The best two options for cigar smokers would be Lounge Coffee and Daily PressLounge Coffee is blended to be the perfect coffee to pair with ANY cigar.  Daily Press is a Fah King Good Coffee Exclusive which is a collaboration with The Cigar Pulpit Podcast.  All Fah King Good Coffee is smooth and not bitter at all.  Multiple blends available as well as subscription options on all blends!  You can find Lounge Coffee and Daily Press at My Monthly Cigars or at Fah King Good Coffee.  Might as well grab a Fah King mug while you're at it! 

Lounge Coffee - The Perfect Coffee To Pair With Any Cigar - Fah King Good Coffee - Cigar Gift - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone Daily Press - Fah King Good Coffee - The Cigar Pulpit Podcast - Cigar Gifts - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone

Cigar Books

Cigar books are great for educational purposes as well as light reading for the cigar smoker in your life.  Informative, beautiful photos, and an easy read.  Here are two options you can find on Amazon that would make for the perfect coffee table book.

Click the image for a link to purchase each book.

The Cigar Companion - Cigar Book - Cigar Gift - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone The Ultimate Cigar Book - Cigar Gifts - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone

Gift Cards

This is possibly the easiest, do no wrong, gift option for cigar smokers.  To be honest, we think gift cards in general are a no brainer.  Getting a cigar smoker a gift card allows them to purchase whatever they want without you having to worry if you got them the right cigars or something they need!  My Monthly Cigars offers e-gift cards that are instant.  We are also big proponents of local lounges and brick and mortar shops.  Without these shops, cigar smokers have nowhere to go to enjoy the company of fellow cigar smokers.  It's also helping to support a local small business in your area.  Our suggestion? Buy an MMC Gift Card and go pick one up at your local lounge!

You can find My Monthly Cigars Gift Cards HERE

Cigar Smell Eliminator

Cigar smokers enjoy the smell, but they are also the most considerate group that understands others do not.  There are many options such as air fresheners, smoke eaters, and candles.  But our recommendation would be to look at all the options available at Whiff Out.  Our two favorite products they have are the Ash Tray Deodorizer and Spray Mist.  The spray mist is perfect to spritz on yourself after enjoying a cigar to cover almost the entire smell of smoke on your clothes so you can come back from lunch without your boss (or significant other) knowing where you've been!  You can find all products from Whiff Out HERE.

Whiff Out Industries - Cigar Smoke Eliminator - Deodorizer - Cigar Gifts - My Monthly Cigars - A Cigar Club For Everyone

Do you have any other suggestions?  If so, comment below and let us know so we can help cigar smokers get the gifts they want and deserve! 

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