My Monthly Cigars March 2020 Unboxing - Boveda

As you know, each month the cigars in your My Monthly Cigars Box comes packed with Boveda to ensure your cigars are ready to smoke right out of the bag!

Don't forget, the bag that contains the cigars can actually double as a travel humidor as it is resealable.  And the Boveda that we pack with can be used for up to 10 cigars.  So you can toss the Boveda directly into your 10 count travel humidor!  

Rob (Boveda Rob as many of you know him) over at Boveda has done an unboxing video of the March My Monthly Cigars Box.  

You can watch the video below, and of course be sure to check out the Boveda YouTube Channel for interviews and reviews from all over the cigar industry.

If you're ready to join #TeamCigars and be a part of the club, head on over to the My Monthly Cigars Subscriptions Page to check out the available options!


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